Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sinulog and Cebu City's Trash Problem

Cebu City does not have a place to throw their trash.  The trash has to be dumped in Consolacion yet some barangays do not even have a decent garbage truck. Mayor Mike Rama is not a hurry to buy trucks and according to another Sunstar article, 197 tons of trash were gathered in the Sinulog aftermath.  Is there a way to make the Sinulog cleaner?  

How can we make the festival fun and not contribute to a soon to be big problem?  I do not think that the government can really do anything about it unless there is a commitment to become cleaner and more environmentally-conscious from the individuals. 

Here some ways we could ease the problem:

1. Start an online campaign on cleanliness.  People should take pictures of the Sinulog and shame those who just throw garbage indiscriminately. 
2. Add more trash cans.  Each establishment should have enough trash bins and the City Council should give a hefty for establishments that would not comply.  There should be a harsh for punishment for people caught stealing or vandalising trash cans.
3. Designate a place to throw bottles. A lot of liquor bottles were put under cars.
4.  There should be some sort of littering police during the Sinulog to reprimand people who do not observe cleanliness.
5.  More garbage trucks and garbage collectors. 
6. Encourage businessmen to invest in recycling plants by giving more tax perks for people who establish businesses that will help in the garbage problem.
7. Invest in sanitary landfills.  Cebu City should have there own landfill and not rely on the neighbouring towns.

Do you have any suggestions to solve this problem??

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