Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Starting a happiness project

Most people want to be happy than just plainly contended. So many books have become very popular delving on this highly interesting topic. Happiness is indeed very elusive to many. It becomes harder to attain it in the age of Facebook, Twitter, and instagram as people try to measure up their happiness to the seeming happiness of their buddies.

I am now going to try to undertake a personal project on happiness. The concept is quite similar to #100happydays. Everyday I will try to think of something that transpired that made me happy. I will try to notice the smallest things that can make me smile. The small miracles. The things that I am thankful for.

While starting this habit, I will try to observe if happiness and gratefulness can really have a positive effect in general. Will there really be significant changes in my life? Who knows but today I will start my #10000happydays ;)

I hope you will start yours as well...

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